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Four Things We Do for Mother Earth at Meredith Whole Living Center

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Written by Stormy Leroux, Sustainability Advocate & General Manager at MWLC

Photo credit Boudewijn Huysmans

Here at the Center, we always have sustainability and Mother Earth in mind.

Four intentional choices we make at the Center are:

1) We buy in bulk! We buy our soaps, toilet paper, earplugs, light bulbs, salt, anything we can in bulk supply. By doing this, we cut down on the emissions created by shipping and reduce packaging waste.

2) Our toilet paper comes from Who Gives a Crap- which is made 100% from bamboo. The company also donates 50% of all profits to build toilets for those in need!

3) We avoid using harsh chemicals or perfumes for light cleaning. We use products such as vinegar, water solution, and baking soda, scented with essential oils.

4) We're dedicated to educating our community on Earth-friendly products, and our product lines have been selected with intention to provide the highest quality ingredients in sustainable packaging, such as glass and cardboard.

At Home, I Personally Use:

* You can find these naturally effective, responsibly packaged products at MWLC!


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