Float Therapy, also known as sensory deprivation, can relieve issues ranging from stress & anxiety to back & neck pain, and is being studied for its ability to relieve symptoms of depression and PTSD. This safe, drug free treatment places you in a state of deep relaxation, from which your body, mind and spirit can heal. 

Float Session 60 min                $70
Float Session 90 min                $85
3/60min Float Package           $189
3/90min Float Package           $229
10 Pack of Floats                      $599
Member or Veteran                
60 or 90-minute Float               $59
*Veteran, One-time verification required"


The benefits of this relaxing therapy, designed to heat the body efficiently and comfortably, include detoxification, increased collagen production, increased metabolic function, faster recovery and pain relief. 

60 min max $25 

5 Session Package $100

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The New England Patriots, Chicago Cubs, and Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors are just a few of the high profile teams and athletes who benefit from regular floatation therapy. The high magnesium sulfate content in the water speeds muscle healing while the meditative quality enhances focus and concentration.

There are many physical and mental benefits of floatation therapy, including the absorption of the “calming” nutrient magnesium. Effects of your treatment can last for hours or even days. Repeated exposure to floatation therapy assists in training the nervous system to understand and recognize deep levels of relaxation. 


  • Relieves Chronic Neck & Back Pain

  • Reduces Anxiety, Stress & Depression

  • Increases Creativity and Mental Focus

  • Improves Sleep Quality

  • Faster Muscle Repair and Recovery

  • Ability to Enter State of Meditation

For more information on current research and findings, please visit Clinical Floatation.


​Everyone can benefit from floating, here are few examples of clients we have helped;

  • Chronic Back & Neck Pain Sufferers

  • Those experiencing Sleep Difficulties

  • Individuals experiencing symptoms of Stress, Depression & Anxiety

  • Children with ADHD and Autism

  • Athletes​

  • Veterans & Those Experiencing PTSD: Click HERE for special pricing




Our Float Tanks, also commonly known as Sensory Deprivation Tanks, are filled with ten inches of skin temperature water and filled with over 900 pounds of Epsom salts.

This allows you to float effortlessly in an environment designed to reduce external environmental stimuli, resulting in an experience of pure consciousness.

We offer two float tank options for your floating experience- a float room and float pod.


  1. Seizure disorder

  2. First trimester pregnancy

  3. Hair that has been chemically treated within 72 hours or has been treated with any dye that has not fully set. You may be subject to a wet towel test.

Please consult your physician before you float if you are experiencing or have:

  1. Pregnancy

  2. Kidney Disease

How Can Floating Help You Manage Stress And Anxiety?

Watch this video to find out:

Experience The Most Relaxing Hour Of Your Life...

  • The tank removes all external stimulation to your body, insulating you from the chaos of the world so your body exits “fight-or-flight.”

  • Epsom salts in the water help ease tension in your muscles, completely relaxing and rejuvenating your body and mind.

  • After an hour-long session, you’ll emerge feeling virtually stress-free so you can return to the world at your full potential.