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10 Healthy Holiday Tips

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

The holidays are a time of joy, generosity, kindness, family get togethers, love...and also food. Lot's of it. Delicious food. For a number of months. But, often less healthy options like cookies, candies, and pies. If you are someone looking to improve your health and you fear the holidays will thwart your goals, try some of these tips! You do not have to give up your favorite foods in favor of salad for days, but learning to incorporate smart choices into your diet is key to preventing deprivation while also supporting your health.

I really like the 80/20 way of eating: 80% of your diet being nutrient-dense foods (high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants), while 20% being foods that may be less nutrient-dense, but still taste delicious. Choose times at which you really want a dessert or rich entree dish without guilt and truly enjoy it, while surrounding these choices with healthy foods the rest of the time. And if you accidentally go overboard? So what? It's just food. It doesn't make you "bad" or a "cheater." It isn't a reason to give up on healthy eating through the rest of the holidays until January 1st, nor does it mean you have to run 5 extra miles, or go hungry the next day. It just means moving on and starting the next day with a nutritious breakfast. Enjoy the holidays - food and all. 


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