What is Floating?

Floatation Therapy

Restore calm and reset the the mind body connection through the healing experience of floatation therapy. Imagine absolute relief from the need to react or respond to the constant stimulation of daily life. Whether we are answering phone calls or texting, working, or even crossing the street, our nervous system is attuned to a consistent level of up-regulation in order to survive. For a little while, let down your guard. Your desire to let go is all you need; our floatation spa will do the rest.

There are many physical and mental benefits of floatation therapy, including the absorption of the “calming” nutrient magnesium. Treatment sessions last for one hour or one and a half hours, depending on your needs, however the healing effects of your treatment can last for hours or even days. Repeated exposure to floatation therapy assists in training the nervous system to understand and recognize deep levels of relaxation. Once we experience relaxation on a visceral level it becomes easier and easier to return to this state. Floatation therapy is a natural, non-invasive method of healing that assists the body in gentle re-calibration, an experience that is difficult to describe and that must be experienced.

  • Benefits
    • Muscle, Spine and Joint Relief
    • Stress Reduction/Muscle Relaxation
    • Increased Creativity, Problem Solving and Mental Focus
    • Higher Sleep Quality
    • Faster Muscle Repair and Recovery
    • Ability to Enter Meditative State with Ease
  • MWLC Float Tanks are filled with ten inches of water heated to body temperature and filled with 1,200 pounds of Epsom salts- enough to make you float effortlessly in an environment designed to eliminate external environmental stimuli. The result is an experience of pure consciousness. We offer 2 options for your floating experience.

Fun Facts- Our float pod is the same model installed in Gillette Stadium, manufactured in the USA by a veteran-owned business.

  • Who Floats? Those Who Have Benefited from Floating Include:
    • Veterans & Those Experiencing PTSD: Click HERE for special pricing
    • Chronic Pain Sufferers
    • Athletes
      • The New England Patriots, Chicago Cubs, and Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors are just a few of the high profile teams and athletes who benefit from regular floatation therapy. The high magnesium sulfate content in the water speeds muscle healing while the meditative quality enhances focus and concentration.
    • Pregnant women
    • Children with ADHD
    • Artists and Those Working in Creative Fields
    • Anyone Actively Improving Their Lives