Why do people float?

One of the most exciting things about working at a float center is there are simply SO many reasons people float! And the best part is you can come in for one reason, and leave having benefited on so many additional levels!


Starting with your first session, floating has been clinically shown to:



Lower blood pressure

Reduce stress and anxiety symptoms


It can also:


Improve sleep quality

Increase creativity & clarity

Shift you into a meditative state with ease


Integrating a regular floating practice has also given relief to those experiencing:



Eating disorders


While results can last hours to weeks depending on the person, the effects of floating are cumulative. The more often you float, the greater the beneficial results! (Psst! That’s why we created our memberships to help make it affordable for you).


Want to learn more? You can check out the latest in peer-reviewed research on floatation therapy at clinicalfloatation.com

How often should I float?

We highly recommend floating a minimum of three times within three weeks when introducing floatation therapy into your wellness routine. Not only are the benefits of floatation therapy cumulative, but as with any new experience your first float will involve getting the hang of the process. 


After that, the frequency that works best for you will emerge over time. 

We have membership options designed to help make floatation therapy and the other healing modalities we offer accessible to you. As a thank you for your service, all veterans, active military and first responders receive our member rate for floatation therapy, every day.

How many tanks do you have, and which style are they?

We have two spacious float tanks- one is a float pod and the other a float room. While therapeutically they’re the same, some people prefer one style over the other for reasons ranging from concerns about claustrophobia to mobility issues. Please call or stop in if you’d like to discuss which one is right for you- we’re always happy to help you gain the confidence to benefit from this incredible therapy.

Is floating safe?

Floatation Therapy is widely accepted as generally safe, however anyone with a medical concern should always consult their doctor, not us.


There are a few groups of people who should either not float, or not float without speaking with their doctor first.


  1. Anyone who is not able to push themselves up from 10 inches of water 

  2. Anyone with epilepsy or seizure disorder 

  3. People with kidney conditions should talk to their doctor before floating

  4. It is not advised that women in their first trimester of pregnancy float 

   (If you floated and later learned that you were pregnant, not to worry! This one is precautionary and not based on a known risk)


How is the water cleaned?

We love answering this one!! Our tanks are designed to pull each drop of water out between every guest to be run through a triple-redundant sterilization process.


  1. Water passes through a 1 micron filter, a rating that exceeds what many people use to filter drinking water

  2. Our water is tested regularly for a ppm of hydrogen peroxide, which, when passed through UV light in our filtration system, sterilizes the water

  3. Water is also treated with ozone


The result is water far cleaner than any lake, ocean, hot tub, etc you’ve ever been in, every time!

What should I wear?

We (highly) recommend- absolutely nothing! While it’s ultimately your choice, bathing suits interfere with your feelings of nothingness and can distract the nervous system. Also, bathing suit fibers are tough on our fancy filters!


Rest assured, you’re in your own private suite for the entirety of your experience! 

Do I need to bring anything?

We provide everything you need- from towels to ear plugs- to enjoy your float, as well as basics such as combs, hair dryers, etc for after your experience. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing to ease the transition back into the world. 


What if I feel anxious and/or claustrophobic?

We have some tips!


  1. Remember you’re in FULL control during your float! You can simply open a lid or door and take a break or get out at any moment

  2. There are two tank styles to choose from, and even people with similar anxieties might feel more comfortable with one or the other

  3. Give it time- if you’re not used to quiet solitude in your own mind, it can be natural to feel uncomfortable at first. This is a classic example of the only way through it is through it, and as with anything else worth practicing, the results over time will be well worth your perseverance

  4. Many people find that having a massage or sauna session before a float allows them to enter into the float in a pre-relaxed state 


Will I definitely float?

You sure will! Our tanks are filled with over 900 pounds of epsom salt, which makes the water denser than the human body. If you’re a human, you’ll float!