Your First Float

What is Floating?

Our float tanks are filled with ten inches of water heated to body temperature and filled with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts- enough to make you float effortlessly in an environment designed to eliminate external environmental stimuli. Throughout the treatment, your body absorbs the calming nutrient magnesium. The result is an experience of pure consciousness.

First Float FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about your floating experience at Meredith Whole Living Center. For more information about what Floating is and the associated benefits, please visit our What is Floating page!

What do I need to bring?
All you need to bring to your first float is yourself and an open mind! We provide all necessary towels, toiletries, hair dryers, etc.

Is floating private?
Our floatation tank is located in a private room complete with an in-room shower. Your floating experience is completely personal for a maximum level of relaxation.

Can I eat right before my float?
Good question! It is best not to eat a heavy meal or caffeine in the hours preceding a float as it could interfere with the depth of your experience.

What happens when I arrive?
We want your float to be the best that it can be for you! Particularly if you are new to floating, the following steps will take the mystery out of it. Still have more questions? See Step One!

    • Step 1: A trained staff member will go over the process with you individually, and will answer any remaining questions you may have.
    • Step 2: Insert the silicone ear plugs provided.
    • Step 3: Take a shower to rinse off excess body oils, lotions, etc.
    • Step 4: Enter float room or pod and (ahhhhh…) relax…
    • Step 5: A light and exit track will inform you when your session is complete.
    • Step 6: Exit and shower to remove excess salt.
    • Step 7: Breathe deep, and enjoy how renewed you feel!

What happens after my float?
After your float you are so welcome to hang out, relax and enjoy a cup of locally-sourced tea, hand-blended by Registered Herbalist Sara Woods Kender of Sacred Tree Herbals. Sara’s shop is located right here in our building at 48 Main Street!

I’m curious about floating, but think I may be too claustrophobic. Will I feel confined?
This is one the most frequently asked question we receive, and we’re happy to share that there is no need to worry about feeling confined. We have two styles of float tanks- a room and a pod. You are in full control of the light, sound, and door throughout your session in both. There is no locking mechanism on either unit. The room is tall enough to stand fully upright in, and the door may be left ajar for additional security if you choose. The pod’s cover may be left entirely open during your float, giving you far more room than you would have in a large bathroom with a very large tub.

Should I wear a bathing suit?
Wearing a bathing suit is not recommended, as any fabric or tightness could interfere with the feeling of weightlessness. You will be in a fully private room for the duration of your treatment; there is a lock on the door to the room for your extra security. However if you absolutely must wear a bathing suit it is certainly allowed.

How is the water in the tank cleaned between guests?
Our tanks have top of the line filtration systems that operate between each service, leaving the water cleaner than any other body of water you would normally find yourself in. To start, the salinity level of the tanks ensures that no human pathogens could ever survive. Even so, after each float the water is pumped out of the tub and triple filtered with a fine particle filtration system. Before returning into the tank is is treated with both ozone and uv. Each step of the cycle is optimally effective to ensure that the others are redundant, but we love the peace of mind this gives ourselves and our guests.

Can I float if I’ve recently dyed my hair?
To protect your investment and ours, we ask that you wait a minimum of 72 hours and several shampoos before floating.

Do you have other questions not posted here?
Please contact us so that we can add your question to this page! If it is on your mind then chances are it is on other’s minds too.